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Monday, November 21, 2011

Of Interest To Storytellers

Most books are in very good to brand new condition. Some are worn and I’ll let you know the condition when you order. Your satisfaction on the condition of the books is important. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me, Andy

*Indian Legends From thr Northern Rockies, Ella Clark, (H) $6
*Book of the Hopi, Frank Waters, $5
*Tales Of A Korean Grandmother, Frances Carpenter, (LB -1947) $5
*At The Center of the World, Betty Baker, (LB- Southwestern Creation Myths) $4
*Tokoloshi: African Folktales, Diana Pitcher, (LB) $4
*Celtic Myth & Legend, Charles Squire, (LB) $3
*The Other World: Myths of the Celts, Margaret Hodges (LB- 1973) $10
*Beginnings: Earth, Sky, Life, Death, SL Fahs & DT Spoerl, (LB) $7
*The Enchanted World: The Book of Beginnings, (H) $9
*THe Enchanted World: Giants and Ogres, (H) $5

*The Year of Magicial Thinking, Joan Didion, (H) $5
*Awakening the Hidden Storyteller, Robin Moore $6
*Let’s Make A Memory, G. Gaither & S. Dobson $4
*The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell, $4
*The Storyteller’s Goddess, Carolyn M. Edwards $6
*Women Who Run With the Wolves, Estes (H) $6, (and large paperback) $4
*Treasures Long Hidden, Arthur Chrisman, (LB 1st Ed- 1941), $7
*The PageMaster, David Kirschner & Ernie Contreras (H) $8
*Traditional Tales from India, Vic Parker, (LB) $2
*Coyote Road: Trickster Tales, Edited by Datlow & Winding (H) $7
*Around The World Stories, Shirley Brown, (LB-1962) $6
*Tales The Elders Told: Ojibway Legends, Basil Johnston, (H) $10
*Adventures of the Greek Heros, McLean & Wiseman, (LB-1961) $4
*Myths & Legends of Many Lands, NC Sissons, (LB-1962) $4
*Fairy Tales Of Eastern Europe, Neil Philip (H) $7
*Self, Struggle & Change: Family Conflict Stories in Genesis & Their Healing
Insights For Our Lives, Norman Cohan, (H) $3

*Handbook For Storytellers, Caroline Bauer, (LB) $4
*Storytelling Ruth Tooze, (LB) $6
*Telling Tales, Arthur Rowshan, $5
*A Second Storyteller’s Choice, Eileen Colwell, $3
*Greedy Mariani & other folktales from the Antilles, DS Carter (LB-1974) $4
*A Book of Magical Beasts, Ruth Manning-Sanders, (LB) $6
*Thirteen Georgia Ghosts and Jeffrey, Kathryn Windham, (LB) $8
*Tales of Witchcraft & the Supernatural in Pecos Valley, N. Garcia, $6
*Whoppers: Tall Tales & Other Lies, Alvin Schwartz $2
*The Wonder Clock, Howard Pile $2

*What’s Your Story? Building Authenthic Relationships,
Toben & Joanne Heim $4
*Journeys Through Dream Time: Oceanian Myth, Timelife Books, (H) $6
*Kitchen Table Wisdom – Stories That Heal (NY Times Bestseller)
Rachel Ramen $4
*Pecos Bill: Greatest Cowboy of All Time, J.C. Bowman (H-LB - 1967) $8
*Jim Henson’s The Storyetller, Anthony Minghella $6
*Folk Tales From Russia, Donal Mackenzie (H – Reprint from 1916) $5
**Scary Stories 3, Alvin Schwartz $2
*Weird Tales, Marvin Kaye $3
*The Golem, I.B. Singer (H) $5
*The Song of Sholom Aleichem, Translated by Curt Leviant (H) $5
*Book Of Virtues, Bennett (H) $5
*Tales From Sawyerton Springs, Andy Andrews $3
*Iron John, Robert Bly (H) $5 and (paper) $4
*Houses And Travelers, WS Merwin $4
*Pontoon, Garrison Keillor $3
*To a Dancing God, Sam Keen $3
*Tales of the Nimipoo: From Land of the Nez Perce, Heady (H-LB) 1970 $7
*Cinderella’s Gold Slipper, Fohr $5
*He Who Hunted Birds in His Father’s Village(Dimensions of a Haida Myth)
Gary Synder $2
*The Great Treasure Hunts, Rupert Furneaux (H-LB 1969) $6
*American Indian Myths & Legends, Erdoes & Ortiz $5
*Daniel Boone, James Daugherty (H) 1967 $10
*Walt Disney's Story Land, (H) 55 Stories -1962 $10

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